Dia de los muertos – Day of the dead

Halloween in USA ~ Dia de los muertos (Day of the dead) in Latin America.

Dating back to Pre-Columbian Aztec culture, is a celebration of life. From marigolds to sugar sculls the traditional Mexican holiday is full of symbols.

November 1 and November 2, it is an important part of the culture of Mexico to create an altar celebrating life for the souls to arrive. An altar is surrounded by every favorites of who has died. In case the souls are thirsty, tequila is almost always included! Often, a bottle of the deceased’s favorite type of tequila, mescal, or pulque is shared among the family in order to honor the dearly departed and celebrate their life. These beliefs have helped the living cope with the loss of their loved one.

The marigolds, “flowers of the death”– is to be believed that the scent of these orange blooms help attract souls to the altar. The altar sometimes includes a soft and sweet bread “Pan de muerto” designed with a circle and limbs to mimic the shape of a skull. Yes, indeed…It is just a number of foods that are placed for hungry souls to partake in.

Rather than grieve their dead, ancient Mexicans celebrated the lives of the deceased and honored their memories. Probably, one of the most recognizable symbols of the “Day of the Dead” are the highly decorated skulls made with sugar, merengue, and water symbolizing the sweetness of life.

Garcia Lorca Spanish Poet.

“Si muero, dejad el balcon abierto”

“If I die – leave the balcony open”

Halloween in the USA / Scary alien stuffed chicken with fruits.

Pan de Muerto

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  1. Kelly,
    What a beautiful and delicious post! I will be adding some mango to my chicken this evening with this inspiration. My mom, Loretta’s, passing date is October 29, and I love this Mexican Day of the Dead tradition to feed the the soul their favorite foods while enjoying their memory as you enjoy the food. Since learning about this from my Hispanic students it makes me so happy to do this. Thank you for the reminder with your, as always, amazing, informative, and scrumptious post.

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