Veni; Vidi; Vici

Crostata with berries


Crostata is an Italian tart. It is one of the most classic Italian desserts. It uses a shortcrust dough (pasta frolla) made with flour, cornmeal, butter, sugar, baking powder and lemon zest. It’s then filled with berries (most traditionally).

Many regions and towns in Italy have their own desserts that vary from region to region. But a crostata is one of those desserts that is known and made throughout all of Italy. There are many different ways to make pasta frolla, either with or without the corn meal. Making it without the cornmeal becomes flaky.

For many years I consider myself a frustrated baker. This recipe, dreaming of an Italian crostata became one of my adventures.

“Veni Vidi Vici” Julius Caesar statement is still present ~ Latin meaning “I came; I saw; I conquered” While opinion is still divided on what kind of a ruler Caesar really was, there cannot be any denying of his contributions, both to Rome and the Roman Empire to modern civilization.

Yes, I do feel I conquered the Italian crostata.

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