Tea or Sake

Over tea and cold sake, this is a historical dish in Japan and the presentation image was transformed by the ways of the Hawaiian people.

An ever – changing raw fish appetizer has been modified by an imitation crab which accompanied by sauces and garnishes to help this dish stay fresh. The cooked Pollock provides a creative outlet – finding ways to compliment such delicate flavors that inspire the Asian – American togetherness.

 I like to highlight the seasonal vegetables, sticky rice and mildly acidic sauce making the magic.

Tea “Drink a cup of tea and forget the cares of the world.” Tea tells stories, punctuates journeys and is a muse to poets. The history of tea is inextricably intertwined with the history of humanity. The Japanese tea ceremony “Cha no yu” (hot water tea) became a social gesture in the 16th century. Today this refine pleasure is shared among friends.

Sake -The most ceremonious beverage in Japan was through centuries only enjoyed in temples.

Presently, in America, “Sake Day” is to be enjoyed October first. Arigato!

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