Beauty of a Pearl

Why do oysters make pearls?

Pearl oysters live on the sandy bottom of tropical seas. They filter the water to extract food. Any foreign matter like bits of sand that invade their bodies can cause irritation. As a defense mechanism, oysters will coat a grain of sand with nacre which is also called beautiful “mother pearl,” It is a calcium substance that the oyster discharged to line its shell. After several years of coating, pearls are formed.

Depending the pigments of the nacre, the color is what results. Their beauty is always present either white, pink, black, yellow or blue.

The most well – known pearl producer is the country of Japan, where women dive as deep of 40 feet to gather the oysters.

To oyster – eating either in a white bearnaise sauce – “Rockefeller”, spicy Madrazo or raw… Enjoy them! wearing a beautiful pearl.

It is not Japan where these memories come to me… It is a province city of Mexico called Cuernavaca. When walking through the main city town through callejones (small streets), I share wonderful meals at “Harris” – a fantastic and fun place where the Madrazo and Rockefeller oysters were served.

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