Absobloodylootely – Bits’n Bobs

“Blimey” to a “scouser” ~ delicious to a Liverpudlian.

Fish – spiced with extra crispy Italian coating! Oh La La!!! Absobloodylootely delicious! The potato fries “chips” crunchy and flavorful… Even though we run to savor it, not to be confused with “we’d better chip to a location.”

Fish & chips with a green mix salad and “cabbage” not brain dead~ nor catatonic state.

In a personal note, trying to be “gabby”or “gaga” enjoyed this dish as much as I did writing in British – English. Not rubbish… but truth. Perhaps a “caff” coffee to finish this meal is a call to order. Cheers!

John Lennon, “Imagine” life with you amongst us. You are missed.

Puerto Madryn meets Babaria.

“Empanadas hojaldradas” baked in a phyllo – dough, stuffed with mince beef, tomato, green olives and Bavarian herbs, releasing a wonderful aroma. The meat has been cooked with tangy German flavors reminding me of traditional dinners at a friend’s house where Astor Piazzolla’s bandoneon was playing the tango and Gerry Mulligan’s saxophone joining in.

Years of solitude” ~ a piece of music in the background created an Argentine – German masterpiece. The original album “Summit” was recorded and released in Milan, Italy in 1974. Bravo Astor! – Bravo Gerry!

Getting back to the present, on the north of The Patagonia, we stopped to an empanada lunch. As we enjoy them, we thought about the miracle of nature as Puerto Madryn being the gateway to whales and penguins.


Tuna croquets in a summer – perfect day with tropical flavors.

Giving the past a place in the present is one of my earliest memories by relaxing on my grandma’s deck and enjoying tuna and crab croquets in a bed of greens. Whether they are served at a family picnic or in dining room, the aroma brings you directly to Hawaii. Providing a deep well of inspiration, these cakes combine culinary traditions… Hawaiian red salt (Alaea) and spices from the Hawaiian Islands, result of the migration from the first Polynesians to western settlers.

Aloha!!! An enchanting beautiful language ~ “alo” meaning sharing ~ “ha” meaning life/ energy. Yes! sharing my life with you through this post is my intention. Aloha…..

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, your “Over the rainbow” accompany and inspired me.

Claude Debussy among Camille Saint-Saens

Halibut is too often overlooked for its mild flavor. It is a rather delicate fish which requires strong flavors. In this preparation, sitting on a bed of creamy – herb sauce and giving spiciness to the fish, a honey Aleppo Pepper seasoning completed this French masterpiece.

Zucchini flower blossoms stuffed with cheese ~ a very delicate flower with memorable taste.

Debussy wrote romantic harmonies unfolding comparisons to musicians during the impressionist times… Yes, bringing the 1890s to this century, this dish is my “Claire de Lune” and “Le Cygne” (The Swan).

Saltimbocca a la Romana

“Roma was not build in a day” — not indeed. Saltimbocca did.

Saltimbocca a la Romana, (Jump to the mouth) Roman – style veal. Vitello wrap in sage and prosciutto cooked in white dry wine… It is a fabulous combination of tastes which brings sweetness, bitterness and sourness to this delicious dish. As a side dish, egg noodles in a pesto sauce.

The beautiful city of Rome is a real – life collage of epicurean masterpieces very close to my heart. A legend says, not only the brothers Romulus and Remus founded the magnificent city but, it was a woman called Roma traveling from Troy when the city fell. As a woman myself and fond of this magnificent city, cooking, speaking the language and listening to the music brings me to this fascinating era.

“La Dolce Vita stroll” and the light of Fellini is present in this dish.

Ci Veddiamo bella Roma.

Washoku on the works….

Traditional food of Japan is based on rice, as has been influences by China since around 300 BC when Japanese learned how to grow rice. The emphasis on pickled dishes and sauces often adds to fish, chicken or beef.
The Jomon Period ~rice farming is brought to Japan in honor of Shinto goddess Amaterasu ~ Ancient Japan.

Japanese food explores the individual roles for two basic tastes- salty and bitter. To bring these tastes, needs work to discover the taste and affinities from one to another. Japanese cuisine has been influenced by customs but has been refined by our eating habits in America, where I am a Wasabi fan.

Chicken Teriyaki on rice, miso soup and vegetable – crab sushi wrapped in rice paper… and, of course… A serrano chili pepper on top to bring the Latin on me.

kon’niciwa Soshite Tanoshi ~ Hi & Enjoy

An award to Mikey Ross and Erica Lembo for the magnificent gift.

Lago Maggiore finds Mexico City

” Great cooks rarely bother to consult cookbooks.” Caesar and Alexander discovered the way of “being” in the salad world – offering with this innovative recipe the opportunity to be immersed in one’s senses.

From the north of Italy to Mexico City, Caesar founded Cardini International ~ an upscale and hip place where the “farandula” (jet set) will visit. Cardini was an iconic restaurant located in beautiful Paseo de la Reforma located in the center of Mexico City.

In a historical touch, Caesar Cardini patented the recipe where Paris International Society of Epicure named it “Caesar Salad.”

Parma meets an earthy – tasty forest

Parma, the city where Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto de Parma are famous for.

Risotto, a Northern Italian rice, cooked in white wine, butter, and the magnificent Parmigiano cheese.

When porcini mushrooms are added, these ingredients come together as they create a creamy and almost magical earthy result.

Since ancient Roman times, the city of Parma has been considered a gastronomic masterpiece having Italy’s “Prosciutto, Parmigiano Perfetto.”

Outside the Palazzo de la Pilotta, Correggio and Canaletto are invited to enjoy this magnificent dish.

Amicci… “Italy food is culture and culture is food.”

Frida and Diego ~ A love story

“Their story conjures history, magic and Mexico” Guadalupe Rivera.

Two artist developing masterpieces, Diego Rivera with his murals and Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits and works inspired by nature.

Representing the strength of Diego, beef brisket spiced with mustard seed, peppercorns, caraway and herbs. The spiciness of the beef leaves you on a quest for a hand-made tortilla. The gentleness of a woman, as a side dish accompany stuff poblano “rellenos.” The sauce is a cilantro – tomato sauce to blend all the flavors.

Mexican art treasures ~ joins Mexican food in a palate.

All about the Corvina

Exotic Bass as it is called “Corvina” sitting on a bed of Purslane – “verdolagas” as it is called in Latin America. Verdolagas has a unique summer inspired lemony flavor and waxy leaves which I love.
Thank you Michael Anthony from Gramercy Tavern in New York City “Raw with a splash of white wine vinegar and olive oil.” As I love it in a salad, my recipe has been sautéd in tomatillo – leek sauce; the lemony mix from both becomes an inviting spicy mix which reminds me of a Sunday, winter and cloudy day in Mexico City

Columbus and Cortez amounts about 500 years of Spanish presence and influence in Mexican cuisine and would forever more be culturally mixed.

Hand made tortillas and a shot of tequila make a perfect combo.