Mexican burrito meets the Peruvian Incas.

Allilanchu Cakianki and Punsunki, “Hello and Thank You! in Quequa, an indigenous Inca language still spoken today in the Peruvian Andes.

Connecting Mexico and Peru, a corvina fish burrito marinated in earthy spices, bittersweet, citrusy, tart & tangy. The marinade includes Peruvian Aji (botanical chili pepper), Mexican oregano, and annatto. Annatto is an orange – red condiment derived from the seeds of the achiote tree and prepared by grinding the seeds resulting in a spicy fabulous paste.

Traveling through Machu Picchu, “UNESCO World Heritage Site”, the 15th– century Inca citadel, the emotional and mystical experience is still an iconic memory. When the sun rises over the ruins of Machu Picchu, there is a clear evidence of the Inca Empire at the peak of its power.

 The Incas developed an infrastructure including an amazing model in clay before construction began. During construction, no mortar was used, been so precisely cut that even a credit card could not be inserted.

To be in the presence of the beautiful lamas is a wonderful view and experience; caress them in their back and you will be spit on by them….

While cooking this dish, it brought me to “La flor de la Canela”, a beautiful Spanish written magical poem, song and waltz dedicated to a Creole native beautiful woman “Flower of the cinnamon,” by Peruvian composer Chabuca Granda~ 1950

“La Flor de la Canela”

Let me tell you, Lima
Déjame que te cuente, limeño

Let me tell you the glory
Déjame que te diga la gloria

Of the reverie that memory evokes
Del ensueño que evoca la memoria

Of the old bridge, the river and the mall
Del viejo puente, del río y la alameda

Let me tell you, Lima
Déjame que te cuente, limeño

Now that the memory still perfumes
Ahora que aún perfuma el recuerdo

Now that she’s still rocking in her dream
Ahora que aún mece en su sueño

The old bridge the river and the mall
El viejo puente el río y la alameda

Jasmines in her hair and roses on her face
Jazmines en el pelo y rosas en la cara

Airosa walked the flower of cinnamon

Airosa caminaba la flor de la canela

It shed smoothness and in its wake left
Derramaba lisura y a su paso dejaba

Scent of mixture that he carried on his chest
Aroma de mixtura que en el pecho llevaba

From the bridge to the mall
Del puente a la alameda……

Lamas enjoying the view

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