Fidate di me – Trust me!

Chicken Marsala, an Italian – American dish originating from the largest island in the south of the Italian boot – Sicilia!

Pollo scalopinna (scaloppini) ~ where the symphony of flavors are magical between the earthy mushrooms and the sweetness of the wine.

As an urban paradox and excellent restaurants, the chicken Marsala is an icon to enjoy. There is no other Italian city quite like it.

The capital of the island is Palermo, houses royal 12th century tombs while the “Teatro Massimo” at Piazza Verdi, is known for opera performances.

“Not only as a façade, Palermo Opera is an anti-mafia Symbol” Cosa Nostra, was brought to his knees as Sicilia, becomes a free modern organized city.

With a glass of sweet Marsala wine D.O.C* we enjoy as Madam Butterfly imagines the return of his love Pinkerton. “Un Bel di vedremo” aria “One fine day we’ll see” Giacomo Puccini.

Via Belmonte, Marsala is in the USA.

*D.O.C. Denominazione di Origine Controllata “controlled designation of origin”

Chicken Marsala

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