International escabeche

An inspiration to a “summer day” in spring time invites us to a pollock – escabeche ceviche salad. Talk about love at first bite!

Pollock originates from the waters of North America and the United Kingdom. My creation is by adding spices with “escabeche,” as a favorite of mine.

The origin of escabeche is Persian, it was brought to Spain by the Muslims during the conquest of Hispania in the 756 BC. In Mexico, either on the beach on a paper plate or in china – served restaurants, the magic of escabeche is an appetite opener.

Located off the coast of Acapulco, Mexico and reachable by boat, the beautiful Isla de La Roqueta is an experience to enjoy. It is a lover’s beach, (not to be confused on the beautiful Baja Lover’s Beach). Enjoying the view, savoring the delicious pickled vegetables many distractions exists; amongst some, a donkey drinking a bottle of beer is a show on itself.

As you reach or leave the island by glass-bottom boat or scuba, a “Queen of the Sea” statue has been submerged few feet deep for more than a century.

Due to the devotion of the Mexican people, the statue has been called a “Virgin of Guadalupe of the sea.”

“Moments lasts all of a second, but the memories live on forever”

Escabecio in Italy, savoro in Greece or escabeche in Latin America is always a spicy “Bravo!” ~ A sunny gastronomic ceremony.

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