Sweetness finding America

The Assyrian origin of strudel, is from Asia to Turkey. The use of this thin puff pastry stuffed with a sweet filling brings us back to the Asiatic regions where the consumption of these type of cakes has its roots in the ancient times of the Mesopotamians.

 Everyone, at least once in the life, has eaten strudel, the fragrant dessert stuffed with apples, usually connected with the lodges in the mountains of Trentino Alto Adige, Austria or the middle European regions. This dessert, the classic Viennese recipe of the Apple strudel foresees a filling of apples, raisin and pine nuts, however in other American versions, we invented them as an apple muffin strudel.

Adding some gelato, far away from Tuscany and the Rhine country side, with pure simplicity reminds me of “The Land of a Hundred Castles” its rocky mountainous landscape and wooden valleys.

Moving back to another continent, a neighborhood where I grew up, there was a bakery where I walked every day ~ the smell of the strudel is still very vivid. As sometimes we make eating a ceremony, so sacred that could become a religious one – yes, an utterly gastronomic ceremony.

Every day has something sweet to say for itself, and every season its own particular treats.

Apple strudel muffins

Thank you Priscilla and Aaron for your spices from Africa. Cinnamon made the difference.

Thank you Kathy for the beautiful serving platter.

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