The Bridge of Sighs and a spiced halibut

“Ponti dei Suspiri” ~ Bridge of Sighs

 Venice is always described as a romantic city therefore, does not surprise me this bridge is called “Bridge of Sighs.” In spite of the romantic scenario, the sighs are not out of love but of despair because in 1600 A.D. whoever crosses it is the last bridge it will ever crossed in the way to prison ~ loss of freedom ~ loss of life.

Venetians giggle when couples kiss and sigh in the “Ponti of Suspiri” ~ that is hopefully not what couples wish for.

In Venice the one and only “Harry’s Bar.”  For five decades, is the meeting place for writers, artists, royalty, and ordinary  – but very wise-Americans and Europeans that want to enjoy the delicious dishes prepared by Chef  Arrigo Cipriani.

Enjoying at “Harry’s Bar” Cipriani’s the famous and distinctive Bellini, Ernest Hemingway, Joan Crawford, Cole Porter and also Kellinka enjoyed his treasured recipes.

Halibut All ’ Arancia – Halibut in Orange sauce is one of my favorite recipes at “Harry’s Bar.”  

Adding Alepo seasoning blends Italian deliciousness with Aleppo spice.

To my readersA warm note, some wording and names are Italian. please do not highlight a “Bad Spelling.”

Drive south and reach Rome….


Al di la del bene piu precioso, ci sei tu

Al di la del sogno piu ambizioso, ci sei tu ….

Where you walk flowers bloom

When you smile all gloom turns to sunshine…

Al Di La!

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