For the love of chilis

To most of us, lovers of Mexican food, chiles rellenos conjure up images of crisp, battered – fried poblanos. Today, mine are stuffed with picadillo, a blend of minced meat and spices, having a result of the best savory chile rellenos.

The basic recipe is a family heirloom; it was handed down from my grandmother, Ernestine- a Russian immigrant to beautiful Mexico which she loved.

Wherever we traveled, I took up this game of culinary pursuit. Exploring ethnic cuisines in each destination, myself, with roots in Spanish – speaking ancestry I embrace myself as a Latin.

Chilies originated in the Americas. They were brought to Spain in 1490’s by a physician who sailed with Columbus. Because chilies are native from America, India and Thailand did not have the spiciness in their cuisine.

As it boosts a metabolic rate burning 50 more calories a day, Chili day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in February – most needed in a cold month.

Today, I have written this blog to keep all the culinary traditions under “Cooking around the world.”

Welcome to my blog wherever you are Christopher Columbus and Dr. Diego Chancla

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