American in Sicily

Chicken Marsala, an Italian – American dish cooked with golden pan – fried cutlets, mushrooms, herbs and Marsala wine sauce. This delicious wine comes from Marsala, Sicily or as in the year 200’s B.C. was called Messina.

This harmonious recipe reminds me of Jim Messina, a rock & roll duet “Loggins & Messina.” As their record on 1972 A.D. “Your Mama Don’t Dance” and your daddy don’t Rock & Roll… reached the “Billboard Hot 100,” my Marsala has reached my “Hot 100 recipe” and… I am still dancing.

Chicken Marsala’s elegance was enhanced for its “Royal- level popularity.” and it was assigned the well – deserved label of “D.O.C.” Denominazione di Origine Controllata.

“You have to love either what you are going to eat, or the person you are cooking for. Then, you have to give yourself up to cooking. Cuisine is an act of love.” – Alain Chapel, Chef

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