“Love is in the air”

Cook from the heart ~ “Food is love.”

I am not a baker, indeed am not!!! Do not like to follow directions and…. love to eyeball my recipes ~ In baking it is a “no-no”

Happy Sweet and loving Valentine’s Day to you all <3

Tel Aviv meets Tunisia

Tel Aviv meets Tunisia.

What a magnificent combination mixing chickpeas with ground chicken breast! Breading them with gluten free bread crumbs makes it so much lighter. Topped with dry guajillo peppers and sitting on a bed of peppers marinated with Tunisian Harissa paste. The blending of the mild croquets and the spiciness of the vegetables become a symphony of flavors!
Shalom Tevel and Javerim.

Taco Tuesday

A California favorite!
Yes, I am fond of corn tortilla instead of bread, iIt just works!! In the taco…there is grilled skirt steak, vegetable rice and black beans. ~ And, to adorn the plate, of course, avocado with salsa made with ancho and black chili peppers with an adobo smoky flavor.
Tacos para todos amigos!

Guatemalan chiltepe

Chiltepe ~ a taste from Guatemala! A treasured recipe brought from our trip to Antigua. Memory of sitting with the view of “El Volcan” and enjoying chiltepe in everything I could add it into. A perfect side dish to give a wonderful flavor, which it’s not seldom found in any country ~ it is piquant, sour and wonderfully made with Piquin – looks a lot like hot peppers (which carry a lot of heat), cilantro and lime juice. Halibut marinated with a garlic – parmesan coat sitting on a bed of rice, baby beets, red peppers and topped with…. Chiltepe!!!

Buen Provecho amigos!

Boricua- Caribbean Salmon

A Caribbean style filet of salmon top with dry spices… With a mix of dry adobo and achiote which were used by the Indians during Spanish conquest of Puerto Rico ~ results are excellent full with flavors!  With skin on, filet of salmon and salsa made with fresh mango and red bell peppers…. Reminds me of sunshine.

Parme ~chile

Parmesan- coated chicken breast ~milanesa style sitting on a bed of spicy fajita – like vegetables.   A family recipe when added inside of a torta;  with an array of meanings….  Torta  in Spanish is a  Mexican sandwich… In Italy, Macedonia and Swedish as a cake or flatbread. . Memories flying through my mind.

Sandwich is to lunch time as torta to almuerzo.

Picnic everyone?

Casablanca meets Athens.

Tah-Dig Moroccan rice, crunchie on the bottom and soft on the top or actually should be served vice versa.  This dish, a Greek ~ Moroccan “fusion”; combining elements of different culinary traditions.  A Gyro – Lemon ~oregano filet of beef in pita bread. And, to adorn the palate…. tabbouleh, Moroccan chickpeas, humus and dill – cucumber in yogurt.

Hadshi bneen

Mamma Mia, mamma mia… Spaghetti Bolognese

Italian is the language of love as Latin is the language of enlightenment.

Food is love!

Bolognese sauce is a spicy marinara ~ meat-based originated from Bologna, Italy. My family’s favorite on a winter day. Italy’s neighboring to the diversity of Italian cuisine…Espagueti delizioso!. An excellent reminder when traveling through the Italian boot as a young adult savoring food and learning the language.  Ciou… Ci vediamo friends!