Chile Relleno meets Northern Africa.

Delicious Poblano chili peppers stuffed with ground chicken. The smoky flavor takes on the classic chile relleno. These chiles originated in the city of Puebla, a colonial city in central Mexico. My version is a healthier one with a Mexican twist… which I love. Served as a side dish is colorful Couscous ~ North African and Mediterranean grain.

Rick Bayless, your expert opinion is requested. Thanx.

My Love for Cabo

My love for Cabo is in this image… This was a gift during my visit to one of my favorite restaurants ~ kept it as a memory and will reproduce it. A half coconut filled with three different sorbet flavors sitting on a bed of precious Bougainvillea. A piece of art indeed! An experience with Bougainvillea is planting different colors next to each other and watch them as they fuse into beauty. All different colors will start showing as a rainbow of Bougainvillea intertwined.

Always, with warm friendship and thanks to Alex Pancho and @Edithcabo

“Love is in the air”

Cook from the heart ~ “Food is love.”

I am not a baker, indeed am not!!! Do not like to follow directions and…. love to eyeball my recipes ~ In baking it is a “no-no”

Happy Sweet and loving Valentine’s Day to you all <3

Tel Aviv meets Tunisia

Tel Aviv meets Tunisia.

What a magnificent combination mixing chickpeas with ground chicken breast! Breading them with gluten free bread crumbs makes it so much lighter. Topped with dry guajillo peppers and sitting on a bed of peppers marinated with Tunisian Harissa paste. The blending of the mild croquets and the spiciness of the vegetables become a symphony of flavors!
Shalom Tevel and Javerim.

Taco Tuesday

A California favorite!
Yes, I am fond of corn tortilla instead of bread, iIt just works!! In the taco…there is grilled skirt steak, vegetable rice and black beans. ~ And, to adorn the plate, of course, avocado with salsa made with ancho and black chili peppers with an adobo smoky flavor.
Tacos para todos amigos!

Guatemalan chiltepe

Chiltepe ~ a taste from Guatemala! A treasured recipe brought from our trip to Antigua. Memory of sitting with the view of “El Volcan” and enjoying chiltepe in everything I could add it into. A perfect side dish to give a wonderful flavor, which it’s not seldom found in any country ~ it is piquant, sour and wonderfully made with Piquin – looks a lot like hot peppers (which carry a lot of heat), cilantro and lime juice. Halibut marinated with a garlic – parmesan coat sitting on a bed of rice, baby beets, red peppers and topped with…. Chiltepe!!!

Buen Provecho amigos!

Boricua- Caribbean Salmon

A Caribbean style filet of salmon top with dry spices… With a mix of dry adobo and achiote which were used by the Indians during Spanish conquest of Puerto Rico ~ results are excellent full with flavors!  With skin on, filet of salmon and salsa made with fresh mango and red bell peppers…. Reminds me of sunshine.

Parme ~chile

Parmesan- coated chicken breast ~milanesa style sitting on a bed of spicy fajita – like vegetables.   A family recipe when added inside of a torta;  with an array of meanings….  Torta  in Spanish is a  Mexican sandwich… In Italy, Macedonia and Swedish as a cake or flatbread. . Memories flying through my mind.

Sandwich is to lunch time as torta to almuerzo.

Picnic everyone?